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Flakiness Index Elongation Aggregate Crushi

Stone Crushing Machine : Flakiness index elongation aggregate crushi - We provide customers with a variety of good quality construction and mining crushing equipment, and optimize the combination of various types of equipment to meet different process needs.

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How to improve flakiness index on a aggregate crushing …

Aggregate operations including the plant laboratories have ISO 9001 certification ensuring .... the crushing plant has a constant supply of raw material via conveyer ... fineness modulus and flakiness index to ensure that no non-compliant material leaves the plant. .... used: reduced water requirement gives better strengths.

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Aggregate shape is considered to be a key parameter for concrete and bituminous mixtures design. ... separates the particles with respect to an elongation limit of ... PART 2 - FLAKINESS INDEX ...

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Flakiness Index And Elongation Index Test Procedure

Aggregate Test Aggregate Lab Test Sigmatest. The flakiness index is found by expressing the weight of the flakey aggregate as a percentage of the aggregate tested test method is 2386 p1 1963 impact value this test helps in determining the value which indicates the ability of an aggregate to resist crushing

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Aggregate Testing Equipment - Aggregate Crushing Value ...

Aggregate Testing Equipment. Providing you the best range of aggregate crushing value test apparatus los angeles abrasion test apparatus air entrainment meter aggregate impact value test apparatus and flakiness amp; elongation index test gauges with effective amp; timely delivery.

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7.3. Shape Tests for Aggregates 7.3.1 Flakiness index

B Flakiness index c Sieve analysis obtained from this test. A data sheet is given as Form 7.3.1. 7.3.2 Elongation index Scope. The scope of this test is to provide test methods for determining the elongation index of coarse aggregate. An aggregate is classified as being elongated if it has a

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Elongation Gauge mm Weight Retained on Elongation Gauge g Percentage Weight Retained 63 50 --50 40 81.00 40 25 58.5 31 25 --25 20 40.50 20 16 32.4 16 12.5 25.6 12.5 10 20.2 10 6.3 14.7 Total Table 3 : Recordings for Elongation Index 6. Calculation 1. The Flakiness Index on an aggregate is

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Elongation index and flakiness index of coarse …

Elongation index and flakiness index of coarse aggregate BS 812 Part:1 Scope: The particle is considered as elongated if its length is more than 1.8 times the mean sieve size of the size fraction to which the particle belongs. Similarly the particle is considered as flaky if its thickness is less than 0.6

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Elongation Index Test on Coarse Aggreagtes

Elongation index of an aggregate is the percentage by weight of particles whose greatest dimension length is greater than one and four-fifth times 1.8 times or 95 times their mean dimension. It is measured on particles passing through mesh size of 63mm and retained on mesh size of 6.3mm. Contents:Necessity of Elongation Index TestApparatus requiredTest

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LR 4 - Flakiness and Elongation - American University of ...

Elongation Index Table 1: Minimum Mass of the Test Portion Nominal Maximum Size of Aggregate Minimum Mass of Test Portion after Rejection of UndersizedOversized particles mm kg 40 15 28 5 20 2 14 1 10 0.5 The aggregate used in this experiment was the same sample used in the flakiness index portion of this experiment and thus it has the same ...

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Elongation Index Test For Aggregates - Civil Engineering

Elongation Index W 2 W 1 x 100. Where W 2 Weight of aggregates passing through 1.8 x d mean size W 1 Total weight of aggregates. For road constructions elongation index should be less than 15. RELEVANCE AND IMPORTANCE For road construction especially in surface course the elongated shape of aggregates is not desirable.

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Stone Crushing Machine - Aggregate crushing flakiness ...

Exp 1 Flakiness And Elongation Index Civil Engineers PK. Determination of the flakiness and the elongation index for the given aggregate sample BS1241 specifies a Flakiness index not exceeding 30 irrespective of the aggregate size Maximum permitted Elongated index is 35 40 or 45 for aggregate

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Flackiness Index Of Vsi Crusher

Flackiness Index Of Vsi Crusher. Flackiness Index Of Vsi Crusher. Flackiness index of vsi crusher the basic advantage of the titan vsi crushers is the more qualitative metal crushed by jaw crusher is flaky and have more get price flackiness of vsi crusher vsi crusher vsi aggregates with perfect size of 10 mm and 20 mm used for construction purpose quality the flakiness index refers to.

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Arab Geotech - For Soil Investigation Laboratories L.L.C ...

Flakiness amp; Elongation Index Soundness Density Specific Gravity amp; Water Absorption Clay Lumps And Friable Particles Shell Content Sand Equivalent Value Of Fine Aggregates Los Angeles Abrasion Aggregate Crushing Value Aggregate Impact Value Ten Percent Fines Value Dry And Soaked Materials Finer Than 75 Micron Sieve Drying Shrinkage

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Flakiness and Elongation - PCTE

Flakiness and Elongation Flakiness Index Sieve Set. UTA-0410. When an aggregate particle has a thickness less than 0.6m of its mean sieve size it is considered flaky. The aggregate to be classified is separated into seven sieve fractions from 6.3 to 63 mm and each fraction is examined separately.

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PPT – Flakiness Index Test PowerPoint presentation | free ...

Flakiness and Elongation Index ; Flakey is the term applied to aggregate or chippings that are flat and thin with respect to their length or width Aggregate particles are said to be flakey when their thickness is less than 0.6 of their mean size. The flakiness index is found by expressing the weight of the flakey

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Flakiness And Elongation Index TEST Of Coarse Aggregate ...

Flakiness Index weight of aggregate retained on length gauge of 10 mm to 6.3 mm W2 Total weight of aggregate sample taken W1 W2W1 x 100. For example Weight of aggregate retained on length gauge of 10 mm to 6.3mmW2 150 gm and Total weight of aggregate sample 1000 gm. Elongation Index 150 gm 1000 gm x 100 15. Result:

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How To Improve Flakiness Index On A Aggregate Crushing …

Flakiness Index Elongation Aggregate Crushing Value. Crushed aggregate fraction has less fines content the flakiness index improves when aggregate material becomes coarser shows the effects on impact and consequently the coarse fractions are less sensitive to the effects of crushing impact shape index should also improve.

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Utilization of Crushed Ceramic Tile Wastes as Partial ...

Flakiness index of natural crushed aggregate from Kotre crusher was obtained as 26.93 and Elongation index was 38.25. Flakiness index of CTA was obtained as 5.79 and Elongation index was 34.15. This was better than natural crushed aggregate. So manually crushed tile aggregate have better flakiness and elongation behavior than that of ...

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Crushing strength of aggregates

Flakiness Index elongation aggregate crushing value - Scribd. Flakiness Index elongation aggregate crushing value - Download as Word Doc ... The strength of coarse aggregates is assessed by aggregates crushing test.

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Flakiness sieves, Aggregates testing equipment, Controls

Flakiness sieve 4.9x30 mm slot 47-D04152 Flakiness sieve 7.2x40 mm slot 47-D04153 Flakiness sieve 10.2x50 mm slot 47-D04154 Flakiness sieve 14.4x60 mm slot 47-D04155 Flakiness sieve 19.7x80 mm slot 47-D04156 Flakiness sieve 26.3x90 mm slot 47-D04157 Flakiness sieve 33.9x100 mm slot Complete set 47-D0415

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For crushed aggregate the particle shape and surface texture depend on the nature of the parent material and on the type of crusher and its reduction ratio. The flakiness index is the weight of flaky particles as a of the sample weight. Elongation index is defined similarly.

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How to improve flakiness index on a aggregate crushing ...

Improving cost efficiency and aggregate quality in crushing – Our crusher. 15 Jan 2004 Improving cost efficiency and aggregate quality in crushing plants.January .. Parameters' effect on B7100 End Product 48 Flakiness Index. More detailed

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Effect of Aggregate Flakiness on the Compressive Strength ...

In this paper effects of aggregate flakiness on the compressive strength of concrete cubes have been studied using experiments. Total 30 cubes have been cast using normal 5 of 8 mm 10 mm and 12 ...

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Jul 19 2020 The test methods are given below for flakiness amp; elongation index of coarse aggregate. Test standard : IS 2386-Part I: 1963. Test Appratus flakiness amp; elongation index. Weighing Balance ; IS sieves 63mm 50mm 40mm 31.5mm 25mm 20mm 16mm 12.5mm 10nm 6.3mm; Thickness gauge for flakiness and length gauge for elongation.

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Shape tests of aggregate - SlideShare

Jul 27 2018 These are the flakiness index elongation index and angularity number 1. Flakiness index Flakiness index of aggregate is the percentage by weight of aggregate particles the least dimension of which is less 0.6 of their mean dimension. The test is applicable to sizes larger than 6.3mm. Apparatus I. Thickness gauge II. IS sieves 4.

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Flakiness and Elongation Test (BS 812: Part 3) | seperti ...

Mar 03 2012 Elongation value is 0 because the aggregate is rounded so no any retain value. Aggregate quality for road construction will also influence the road performance. The flakiness and elongation rocks are not suitable for road construction because this type of rocks will make the road surface not balance and easy to damage.

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Other aggregate particles. When the coarse aggregate does fracture the gradation will likely change which may be detrimental to the mix. Additionally flat and elongated particles of aggregate for some construction uses may interfere with consolidation and may result in harsh difficult to place mixtures.

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Processor flakiness index coarse aggregate

Processor flakiness index coarse aggregate – Grinding Mill China. flakiness elongation index test procedure for aggregate - Bing. flakiness index .20 Aggregate strength tests coarse aggregate hydraulic abrasion ceramic aggregate with mechanical strength and average apparent density ...

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Sep 12 2015 Flakiness gauge see Fig-4 is used for this test. Test procedure had been standardized in India IS: 2386 part-I. The elongation index of an aggregate is defined as the percentage by weight of particles whose greatest dimension length is 1.8 times their mean dimension. This test is applicable to aggregates larger than 6.3 mm. Elongation ...

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Flakiness and Elongation Index of Aggregate

Sieves required are 63 50 40 31.5 25 20 16 12.5 10 and 6.3 mm Based on requirement and Gradation of Aggregate. Fig. 3: Thickness Gauge- For Flakiness Index: Fig. 4: Length Gauge- For Elongation Index. Length Gauge have length equal to 1.8 times the mean dimension of the aggregate.

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